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The resident club tennis coach at Belmont Park is Mark Nielsen. A former New Zealand No.1 player for 8 years, Mark has been coaching at the club for 5 years as director of Smash Tennis. During this time he has developed a strong relationship with the Belmont community, particularly the surrounding schools, and the after-school programmes and holiday programmes offered by Smash Tennis are very popular.

Mark is a Tennis New Zealand registered coach. He offers junior and adult coaching - beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Private lessons are available, or duo lessons or small groups.  Check out the Smash Tennis website for more information or give Mark a call on 021 462 496.

There are also several different adults group classes at Belmont Park. Whatever your standard, we've got a class for you! Our goal is to teach you the correct technique, increase your fitness and have fun on (and off!) the court. If you would like to ask any questions about the classes available, please txt Jo on 021 493 489 or email

To view the latest timetable, click here.  

Easi Tennis - the most enjoyable way to learn tennis.  Does this sound like you?  "I would love to learn how to play tennis but I am too old to start".  "I played when I was younger but I would be hopeless now".  "I would like to find a fun way to improve my fitness".  Well, you have come to the right place!!!  Join up for Easi Tennis and learn the fundamentals of the serve, forehand and backhand, as well as basic net play techiques and simple tennis strategy.

Easi Match Play - If you've taken part in some Easi Tennis classes and now want to play some matches, join this group of players of similar ability. Coach warms up players with drills and matches are played with the coach's input.

Tennis Fit - for the intermediate player.  If you have graduated from Easi Tennis and are looking for more of a challenge, or you are looking for a fun way to improve the tennis skills you already have and want to keep up your level of fitness, Tennis Fit is the class for you.  You will experience higher paced combination drills including forehand, backhand, net play and point play.

Attackers & Defenders - Fast, furious and competitive tennis! This class is all about doubles techniques. Coaches will pair you up on court.  Requires a lot of running.