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4 December 2011

Dear member

Please find below an information update to all members concerning the proposed upgrade of facilities at Belmont Park Racquets Club. This is an important update regarding improvements to our facilities, so please take the time to read it.

Kind regards

Graeme N

Belmont Park Racquets Club (Belmont) Facility Upgrade
Member Information Update - December 2011

Belmont has the following major assets:

  1. A clubhouse built in the mid 1960s. In the 1970s, when the squash courts were added, the changing room facilities were renovated. No significant improvements have been made to the clubhouse for approx. 35 years.
  2. 7 tennis courts. In 1998, 3 of the 7 plexipave courts were upgraded to a synthetic grass surface, and in 2009/10, all 7 courts had new lights installed
  3. 3 squash courts. In 2006 the squash court lighting was upgraded and in early 2011 all 3 courts had extensive Repairs & Maintenance (R&M) costs incurred.

While the club has maintained an appropriate facility maintenance programme, we now have the following issues to address:

  1. The 4 plexipave courts (4-7) are old, show visible cracks in the surface as well as signs of problems with the foundation and are unsafe to use once they become damp
  2. The changing facilities are old, especially the electrical wiring, plumbing and drainage
  3. Services to /from the clubhouse need upgrading, and
  4. The kitchen needs upgrading.

The above issues have already led to increased R&M, and this R&M will only increase further during the coming years if nothing is done.

The objective of the facility upgrade is to ensure we have facilities that will last for another 30-40 years, and be enjoyed by members and the wider community as a whole.

Also, the changing room renovations would assist with opening the clubhouse up internally, particularly in the viewing areas, to bring tennis and squash members into a more integrated environment, and to have facilities that could host local and even regional tournaments.

Tennis Courts 4-7
Our plexipave courts 4-7 were originally surfaced in 1985, and have had resurfacing work in 1994 and again in 2002. The work undertaken in 2002 required more significant repairs and restoration work to courts 4 and 5, due to their heavier use. The supplier that undertook the work in 2002 has advised us there is clear evidence indicating the foundation is unsuitable for another re-coat and that the foundation needs replacing. Replacing the foundation alone is likely to cost in excess of $100,000.

Given the pressure there is now on available all-weather courts for social and interclub tennis as well as coaching, the Committee has recommended that courts 4-7 be changed to an all-weather surface. Having 7 courts with the same surface will remove the problem experienced when a light rain results in courts 4-7 being unusable, as well as provide one uniform surface for members.

Initial estimates for resurfacing these courts in synthetic grass indicate it will cost about $70,000 (excl GST). The expected life of such a surface is about 15 years.

Clubhouse Upgrade
The useful life of the existing facilities is limited. An upgrade of these facilities will make the club more enjoyable for members and guests as well as “future proof” them for the next 30-40 years.

Your Committee has discussed the clubhouse upgrade in some detail and have recommended the following improvements:

  1. Modernise and enlarge slightly the men's and women's changing facilities, including improving water pressure/capacity and putting in gas heating
  2. Open up the space from the existing lounge through to a new lounge, adjacent to squash court 1
  3. Install a glass-back wall on squash court 1
  4. Relocate the tennis pro-shop to a purpose-built facility adjacent to tennis court 4
  5. Relocate the admin office to be adjacent to the clubhouse entrance
  6. Build a new, smaller kitchen
  7. Build a new disabled toilet facility (is a building consent requirement)

Plans for the upstairs area overlooking the squash courts have not been given as much attention, but suggested changes include removing the room behind the viewing area overlooking squash court 1, recarpeting upstairs, and putting in a deck to improve viewing over the tennis courts.

How can we move forward with these upgrades?
The facility upgrade is a significant investment in the club’s future and needs a dedicated and focused resource. The following members have agreed to be part of a Facility Upgrade Team and be  responsible for delivering on the upgrade objectives:

Executive Committee Members
Graeme Norman - Chairman
Tracey Hartley
Peter Cairns

Non-executive Committee Members
Ross Kingdom
Brian Lawry
Jim O'Grady

How will the tennis court and clubhouse upgrades be funded?
Like most community facilities such as ours, the majority of funding will have to come from the likes of ASB Community Trust, NZCT, Lion Foundation and other such organisations. The club will also have to contribute its share towards both upgrades and we have plans for ensuring this is possible. How much is needed will ultimately depend on getting our clubhouse upgrade right – this is going to be a larger investment than the tennis courts.

Your feedback
Before we finalise the facility upgrade, we would appreciate member feedback on both changing courts 4-7 to an all-weather surface, and on the clubhouse upgrade. A copy of the suggested changes to the clubhouse is provided (please note the size of the new kitchen will be larger than as shown on these drawings).  Click here to view the plans online >>

What do you like and dislike? What do you want the Facility Upgrade Team to consider when finalising these plans? We are trying to achieve an upgrade that delivers lots but doesn’t cost too much. We can’t have everything we want, so there is going to have to be some compromises made. The purpose of your feedback is to ensure that when we apply for funding, we know exactly what we want – even if we have to approach the clubhouse upgrade in stages, which may be likely depending on our success with funding applications.

Please email your feedback to by 7 January 2012. This deadline is vital to help ensure we meet our funding application deadlines in April 2012.

Many thanks

Graeme Norman
On behalf of the Upgrade Team and Club Committee