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Belmont Park Racquets Club has been part of the North Shore community since 1935. The Club prides itself on promoting values that emphasise fun, fitness, competition, respect, responsibility and success. 

Through a strong and committed volunteer base, it has developed well-organised programmes to encourage participation at junior and senior levels. These programmes are offered all year round in a safe and positive environment. 

In 2018 the Club was crowned Squash Auckland Club of the year. In 2010 the Club was recognised for its focus and achievements with tennis in general, and junior tennis in particular, when it was named NZ Tennis Club of the Year.

Belmont Park Racquets Club has:

  • Seven astro floodlit tennis courts
  • Three squash courts
  • A large tennis volley board area
  • Professional tennis coaching with former NZ No.1, Mark Nielsen
  • Professional squash coaching with NZ Coach of the Year 2009 & 2015, Auckland Coach of the Year 2018, Manu Yam
  • A wide range of junior programmes for both tennis and squash
  • A number of adult classes for both tennis and squash
  • An excellent bar, kitchen and lounge

Club office hours: (subject to change)
Monday to Wednesday 3pm – 6pm
Friday 3pm – 5pm

View our most recent club newsletter to see what's been happening at Belmont. 

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This week the contractors started on the removal of the existing tennis fencing adjacent to the driveway upgrade works - specifically along the side of court 4 and along the back of courts 4-7.

This work will involve:

1. installing temporary fencing inside the existing fences, to prevent unnecessary access into the work site
2. removing the existing fences, including saving the green wind break for re-use with the new fencing
3. installing new, thicker fence posts that will be set 1.3m deep, meaning we won't need the stays for support
4. completing the new tennis fences, complete with the old green wind break.

This work is expected to take 2-3 weeks. During this period, everyone using courts 4-7 will need to be patient with balls running under/bouncing over the temporary fences.

There is nothing practical that we or the contractor can do, without incurring a lot of cost, to try and reduce the chance of balls getting under/over the temporary fences.

We have agreed with the contractor that space will be left at either end of the temporary fencing along the back of courts 4-7, allowing us to go and collect balls that get through.

Clearly, balls getting past the temporary fencing will be a frustration for interclub matches - but we are only taking 2-3 weeks of incovenience while we are getting a new driveway, with proper drainage, that will last 50 years.

Interclub team managers and captains will need to keep the above in mind when hosting visiting teams.

Many thanks for your co-operation and patience.

PS: A few members have asked me about installing a taller back fence. This was considered, but we are at the maximum height now and would need to apply for a consent to go higher - we did not wish to jeopardise the project with this idea, so the new fencing will be the same height as the existing.

Kind regards,

Graeme Norman


For more details about this, click here for the Timeline or here for Plans


Wednesday mornings 9am-11am 
Sunday afternoons 3pm-5pm


This is a way for both our Club and our members to collectively save money on our power bills, and then for the Club to earn a further rebate per member that joins the programme, to invest in improving the Club's facilities. Join up and support us!
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The Club wishes to thank the following organisations for their ongoing invaluable support of our various coaching programmes and development initiatives

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